About Takin.AI

Takin.AI is focused on revolutionizing education in the age of generative AI. We provide AI-based tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of educational processes, including teaching, learning, research, and service.

Our mission is to equip faculty, students, and staff with cutting-edge generative AI technologies, enabling them to realize their utmost capabilities.

About Takin and Logo

"With horns like a wildebeest, a nose like a moose, a tail like a bear, and a body like a bison,“ the takin (TAH-kin), sometimes referred to as the goat antelope, is a large and muscular mammal found in the eastern Himalayas. The takin is the national animal of Bhutan and considered a national treasure in China like the giant panda. Learn more about this interesting animal here (opens in a new tab).

Our logo is inspired by the bull from the following rock carving art of Tanum (opens in a new tab):


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