Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering submitting your work to our site. Here are some basic guidelines. Each submission is reviewed by our curation team and following the guidelines can help us improve the quality of our curation. Thanks!

Open Content

We currently only accept original images (support on audio and video are forthcoming) generated using OPEN models, such as Stable Diffusion. We do not accept content created using closed systems like Midjourney and Dall-E.


The submission should have complete generation parameters, e.g., for txt2img generation, and related data/information, e.g., reference image img2img and ContorlNet-based generations, with the goal of enabling learning via replication.

Quality and Novelty

Although quality and novelty are very subjective, we are looking for unique ideas behind the generated artwork and want to promote variety as much as possible. Focus more on the idea and do not worry too much about the resolution, e.g., 512 x 512 is perfectly fine and we can always upscale if needed.


You must be the original author of and own the rights to any content you share on Takin.AI. You can read more about this in our Terms and License.

Zero Tolerance for Nudity, Violence, or Hate

Takin.AI is for people of all ages and therefore we do not accept overtly sexualized images or images containing nudity, violence, or hate.

Contact Information

Have questions about the Guidelines? You can reach us by emailing us at support@takin.ai.